Frequently Asked Questions

Exit soap is perfect for the following applications, give it a go and you can be one of our next testimonials!

Blood from a range of materials including lounges, shirts, suits, dresses, and all other types of clothes and materials!

Spilt Red Wine don’t worry, Exit Soap can remove it from the carpet, lounge or your clothes.

Exit soap has been used for years by wife’s who are sick of not being able to clean grease and oil from their partners greasy and oily overalls, it will also remove other types of grease and oils that find their way on to your lounge, carpet of clothes.

Crayons on the wall?? Don’t worry Exit has been a staple in the tool kit of many a kindy that has this drama on a regular basis.

Exit soap is great for removing those stains from all those items that don’t fit into the washing machine, like carpets, car upholstery and mats


Pre-wash Stain Remover

Instant Stain Remover Soap