No More Messy Powders

No More Messy Powders

Multi purpose stain remover that is amazingly effective on the likes of biro, ink, permanent marker, blood, red wine amongst other things from shirts, suits, lounges, carpets and many other materials.

It comes in an easy to use stick that is perfect for the glove box, handbag, office draw and the laundry.

Australian Made since 1930

Sponsorship - Red Wine Stain


Exit is a family owned and operated business whose employees know the value of supporting the communities in which they live and work. We are happy to discuss providing sample product for community events and sporting groups, if you have an event coming up call Paul on 0408 653 735 to discuss the options.

“My friend while on holiday in QLD purchased a bar of EXIT instant stain remover. She was kind enough to loan it to me after singing its praises. I am also very impressed”

Helen, VIC

“Thank you for such an effective product, we have put it to good use..”

Rebecca, Puton NSW

“I am a self employed cleaner and I make use of EXIT Soap daily”

Maree, Melbourne

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  • Mitre 10
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